• Can you answer (3682 + 5435) x 4381.92 - 0.3964 / 346 = ? in 3 seconds without using a calculator or a computing device?
    • If you’re introduced to 100 people in half an hour and asked to recollect their names and faces one year from now, would you be able to score 100 out of 100?
    • Can you recall names of all your Grade 4 classmates and teachers?
    • Does your child attempt all given questions in the stipulated time in examinations?
    • Does your child loose attention or interest in what he’s doing soon?
    • Is your child organised at home? Does he leave  his wardrobe, toy room, wash room neat and organised?
    • Does your child throw tantrums at home?
    • Does your child try to resist going to school and /or shirk from doing homework?
    • Do you want your child to do away with tuitions throughout his academic career?
    • Do you want to equip your child to meet and face the challenges of the 21st Century?
    • Do you want to ensure a great future for your child and your family?
    • Does your child make silly mistakes in examinations?
    • And finally, do you want your child to be known for his great mental abilities, sharp memory, strong determination and will power, concentration and sharper reflexes?


Presenting iMatrix, the Super Intelligence Booster programme for your child. Built to empower your child’s mind today so that he excels in his career tomorrow. The programme truly unleashes the hidden potential of children and triggers their total brain development.

iMatrix Programmes

    • i-Abacus : Faster than Calculator Mental Arithmetic (Age 4 to 14 years)
    • i-Memory : Super Memory Booster Course (Age 5 to 80 years)
    • i-Vedas : Vedic Maths for Speed & Accuracy (Age 14 to 25 years)                     
    • i-Neurobics : Brain Cell Activation Exercises for Mind-Body-Soul Rejuvenation (All age groups)
    • Examination Skills : Techniques to BE-A-TOPPER in a exams     (Age 10 to 25)
    • Soft Skills : Personality Development Course (Age 10+)
    • iMatrix Post Graduate Diploma in Total Brain Development (Age 20+)


iMatrix Classes are held for 2 hours every week, mostly on Saturdays or Sundays. The Classes are run in various cities around the world and in India. Please mail us to locate your nearest iMatrix Learning Centre.