The Exciting Business World ofiMatrix World Wide

Your Pathway to Health, Wealth & Peace of Mind

iMatrix World Wide has the right attributes to be your partner in success and growth as it is:

  • The only Course in the World offering four-dimensional total Brain Development programmes. iAbacus, iMemory, iNeurobics and iVedas clubbed together to form the ultimate super intelligence booster learning system.
  • The only Parent Company operating in North India with its headquarters at Chandigarh. We have our Regional Offices at Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai and 71 Learning Centers across India. The Corporate Office, the Master Trainer and other experienced professionals will give you the necessary guidance and support to initiate this wonderful programme in your School.
  • The only Company which enjoys the status of being Founder Member of top international bodies in the field of Brain Development: IMAF, WOMAC, IAIAI & IBDA.
  • The only Company which focuses on mental as well as physical health of the Children.
Infrastructural Requirements
  •             200 sq ft well illuminated & ventilated Teaching space
  •             White Board
  •            Flat Tables & Chairs / desk to seat 15 students at a time (available @  Rs 600/- for a             two-seater set in Chandigarh. Total = Rs 4200/-)
  •             Parents waiting lounge of about 150 sq ft
  •             Centre Head’s Office of minimum 75 sq ft
  •             Signage Outside & Inside the Venue
  •             Washrooms (M & F)
  •             Fire Safety Norms compliance
  •             Display of Emergency No.s on the Notice Board
  •             First Aid Kit
  • One time Franchisee Fee     -    Rs 1,00,000/-  only
  • Special promotional offer    – Rs 75,000/- only
              Revenue Sharing on Tuition Fee
              Unit Franchisee : 70%
              Company : 30%
  • One time State Franchisee Fee Rs 5,00,000/- to Rs 20,00,000/- 
  • Revenue Sharing on Tuition Fee            :

              State Franchisee : 80% of total revenue generated in the State

We create a lot of awareness amongst people about the iMatrix Programmes by the means of:

        • Press Conferences : Articles and Coverage in Print & Electronic Media
        • Doing National Level Promotions like Guinness Book of World Record Events
        • Demonstrations by our Genius Children awarded by various top dignitaries

This gets converted into lot of admissions in our Franchisee Centers.

Student Fee

  • Registration Fee         Rs 650/-
  • Kit Charges                 Rs 700/- (Kit includes Course Material, 1 bag, 1 t-shirt, 1 Cap, 1 Abacus,                                        2 Pencils, 1 Stationery Box)
  • Monthly Fee                 Rs 600/- for Abacus (30 months)
  • Monthly Fee                 Rs 1000/- for Super Memory (9 mnths)
  • Monthly Fee                 Rs 1000/- for Vedic Maths (6 mnths)
  • Monthly Fee                 Rs 5,000/- for Soft Skills (3 mnths)
  • Classes 2 hours per week : Abacus, Vedic Maths, Memory
  • Soft Skills Classes 2 hours for three days a week

The Profit Story

ranchisee Share

    • 100 Students Memory : Rs 70,000/- per month : Rs 6.3 Lacs per annum
    • 100 Students Vedic Maths : Rs 70,000/- per month : Rs 4.2 Lacs per annum
    • 50 Students Soft Skills : Rs 5.25 Lacs Per Annum

The Profit Story continues…

      • State Franchisee Share (a minimum of 10% of total fee collection of the entire district)
        • 10 Centers of 100 students(Abacus) each : Rs 60,000/- per month : Rs 7.20 Lacs per annum
        • 5 Schools with 500 students(Abacus) each : Rs 1,50,000/- per month : Rs 18 Lacs per annum
        • Plus Revenue from Soft Skills, Super Memory & Vedic Maths Courses : Rs Unlimited per annum

Manpower Requirement

  • Teacher – 1 (at least a graduate with flair for teaching, love for children, good communication and PR skills)
  • Centre Head – 1 (Preferably the Franchisee her/himself)
  • Peon – 1

The Faculty

  • Teachers trained by us will be placed at the Franchisee
  • A salary of Rs 4000/- to Rs 6000/-  per month will be paid by the Franchisee to the Faculty
  • The Franchisee her / himself can become Trainer and, thus, save the Salary


  • At least a graduate with flair for teaching, love for children, good communication and PR skills
  • Salary Rs 4000/- per month. Can be increased up to Rs 15000/- depending on no. of students
  • Training Fee : Rs 15000 for Post Graduate Diploma in Total Brain Development