In this era of huge competition, it has been observed that there are certain skill sets which differentiate an average student from a topper. iMatrix researched this phenomenon on 2000 students of various age groups and streams. We scientifically examined and rationally sought the answer to ‘what it takes to become a topper?’ As a result, we drew the inference that truly there are certain skills, which, if acquired, can make an average performer a topper. 200 top performers from various Schools, Engineering / Medical Colleges and Institutes contributed their experiences towards the art and science of cracking examinations and how to become a topper against all odds. Thus formulated, the iMatrix Examination Skills are highly useful for students of various classes as well as those preparing for any kind of competitive exams. Some of the highlights of the programme are :

  • Learning Time Management Skills
  • Learning Work Management Skills
  • Fighting against Stress
  • The Diet Regime for last 90 days
  • Planning Syllabus
  • Understanding priorties and objectives
  • The Yoga of Belief
  • How to make stuying a habit
  • Subject Management
  • Working on strengths and weaknesses

These examination skills form a set of techniques which can be practically implemented to change the course of destiny.