A Beautiful Hand Overview


"Bad handwriting should be regarded as a sign of an imperfect education."
– Mahatma Gandhi

Beautiful, neat and legible handwriting is a quality which takes you ahead in life in many ways. Apart from giving an aesthetic outlook, a beautiful hand endowes the students with a positive personality and refined thought process. Students who attend the Workshop experience a Handwriting Overhaul and acquire this life skill, which fetches them great admiration in all spheres of life and better marks in examinations.

Key Benefits of joining ‘A Beautiful Hand’
Workshop are :
• Neat, Legible and Elegant Handwriting
• Better Marks in Examinations
• Increased Self-Confidence & Enhanced Self-Image
• Correct Posture to read and write
• Positive Outlook in Personality
• Refined Thought Process

Thousands of children and adults have been benefited by ‘A Beautiful Hand’ Workshop across the Nation. Please find enclosed a few samples of handwriting improvement for your ready reference.

About us

‘A Beautiful Hand’ is the latest educational product from the house of iMatrix World Wide – an organization championing the cause of Total Brain Development in more than five countries and across nineteen States of India. Please visit our website www.imatrixworldwide.com for more details about our Company.

A Beautiful Hand is the brain child of Ms Anupam, a handwriting expert, who has more than eight years of experience of research and development in Handwriting Improvement. She has trained thousands of children and adults and made them realize their dream of writing elegantly.

Mr Rohit Shekhar Sharma, CEO & Master Brain Developer, iMatrix World Wide has joined hands with Ms Anupam to take the legacy of handwriting improvement to maximum parts of India and the World.

We aspire to earn the trust of parents children as a champion for them and as an organization that gives a steady flow of innovative educational courses and services.


We aim to empower the handwriting, so that its super abilities are utilized in achieving one’s goals in life.


- Develop the competitive ability in children to survive in the challenging environment.
- Enhance our quality make our projects as cost effective as possible.
- Increase our market penetration to reach customers by leaps & bounds.
- Provide more business opportunities to franchisees by under going research development of educational projects and programs.
- Have a result oriented approach for every activity.

Good legible handwriting not only helps to communicate but also reveals a lot about ones personality. Today with increasing emphasis being laid on handwriting even in competitive exams, the need for technical assistance for correcting handwriting has become a reality.

A Beautiful Hand strives to provide the needed technological assistance for handwriting correction and speed writing.
The increasing awareness has opened up a huge and unlimited market scope for business.
80 percent of students today need expert advise in this regard.

Handwriting Improvement

Mostly teachers and parents insist children to write properly and neatly. Many a times they are told to write big, small, slowly and beautifully etc. But nobody tells them the techniques to write. We, at A Beautiful Hand (ABH), teach our students exactly HOW to write.

Handwriting improves by first accepting that there is a problem with your handwriting and that you want to fix it, and then you next decide that you want to take action and try to fix your poor writing habits. It takes time to change handwriting habits, the same way that it takes time to learn a different language or sport. But with the right determination and the right guide to help you along the way, there is a definite way to improve your handwriting.

We also work on the factors that affect quality of handwriting, such as:
• Grip of pen
• Position of the paper
• Coordination between eyes and hands
• Distance between body and table
• Sitting posture
• Change in mind set

Speed Writing

Speed is the need today as time is indispensable an intelligent student often scores low in exams because of his speed of writing. Almost every student faces this problem. For a student to become successful in Competitive exams, speed matters a lot. We, at A Beautiful Hand, along with handwriting improvement also concentrate on the writing speed of students.